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Welcome to Forest City Surplus CanadaWelcome to Forest City Surplus Canada Quality Car and Marine Audio Gear!New Pyle Pro quality Car and Marine Audio Gear Huge Selection of Mountain House Freeze Dried Survival FoodWe have a mountain of quality Mountain House Freeze Dried Survival Food! Security Cameras at Discount Prices!Indoor / Outdoor Security Cameras and Digital Video Recorders Awesome DJ Speaker Systems!Rock your Party with new DJ Speaker Systems, Amps and Mixers Try out our Amazing Airsoft Guns!Try out the Amazing Selection of Airsoft guns in our Target Shooting Range

Yes, this is often a wild & crazy place!

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The images below are motion-activated and during business hours update approximately once per minute.

Save the sport of Airsoft / Paintball and your own Freedom!

 Bill C-21 is a plan of the government to ban the sale and
import of anything that resembles a gun.

Banning replica guns will not stop criminals from acquiring real guns.

This is simply another freedom the government intends to take away from you.

And what freedom will they take away next, baseball?   Those bats look dangerous!

Paintball and Airsoft are safe family fun sports that do no harm to anyone.

 Click here to SIGN THE PETITION to stop Bill C-21

Webcam view of new Tactical Room, Airsoft Guns, Paintball Markers, Combat Boots and much more!

The image on the left is from a camera viewing
the new 2000 square foot
Airsoft and Paintball
Tactical addition to our store.

We stock the largest selection of Airsoft products
in South Western Ontario !

Check the Youtube Video

The image on the left is taken with a
CCD Colour Camera


Webcam view of Car and Marine Stereos, Woofers, Amplifers, and more!

Car / Marine Audio

DJ Equipment  and  Speaker Room

  on the north side of the store is full
of new audio gear deals !

  This image on the left is taken with an
Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Camera!

Webcam View of surplus computers and other cool electronic stuff !

This image is from a camera

viewing the unusual characters
at our  
and Electronics
Service Tech Counter
 on the west side

of the store.

All images are captured
with a Video Security DVR

Outdoor security camera view of parking lot entrance to Forest City Surplus in London Ontario Canada!

The bottom image is from an Outdoor Camera
viewing the parking lot entrance
on the east side of the store.

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